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av Inside the Funnel | Publicerades 11/3/2020

On a scale of "one size fits all" to "borderline creepy", just how personalized should marketing be? Well, it depends, but one thing's for sure: there's no shortage of nuance, distrust, and legislation to contend with. In short, personalization is a hot-button topic—but Jenna, Dan, and Nasser are here to push it. - The Christopher Nolan Guide to Personalization - Social's wacky algorithms - Thinking, Planning, Doing, Feeling - The choir of positive reinforcement - Has too much personalization broken the world? - How poor targeting spoiled Nasser's Christmas - Hello, Proove Intelligence! LINKS: Proove Intelligence: "Customer Analytics: This time it's personal... or is it?" | | ATTRIBUTIONS: "radio band.wav" by Paper Jam of

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Inside the Funnel takes listeners into the world of marketing leadership, where decision makers make big decisions, data informs everything, and ROI is just one of many metrics that matter. Join DAC's Jenna Watson, Dan Temby, and Nasser Sahlool—marketing trailblazers and incorrigible rascals—as they explore personalization at scale, customer analytics, and other real-world marketing matters that determine the success of strategies, tactics, brands, agencies, and even entire careers.