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ITV 116: How Denise Williams is Changing the Face of Real Estate Brokerage Owners Worldwide

av Inside The Vault with Ash Cash | Publicerades 5/20/2021

Denise Williams is one of the youngest real estate brokerage owners in the US and now has the largest black woman owned brokerage in Atlanta.After having a child while still in college and working unfulfilling jobs in corporate America, Denise decided it was time for her “boss up season”. She’s the founder of CEOwner Academy, author of ‘From Broke to Broker’, Chief Information Officer of Rap Snacks plus she’s a mom! In episode #16 of ITV Denise Williams will teach you how to strategize your way to the top while wearing multiple hats and she’s dropping some fine jewels on home purchasing.Click Below to Join Denise’s community: http://www.CEOwneracademy.comGuest IG: IG: Show IG: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

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