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ITV 18: How Derrick Harper Sr Helps International Businesses Achieve Multi-Million-Dollar Goals

av Inside The Vault with Ash Cash | Publicerades 6/3/2021

Derrick Harper learned how to change the face of failure by facing failure during the 2008 recession after dealing with a foreclosure and a repossession. That experience forced him to learn the credit biz which led him to starting his own credit repair service earning $13 mil/year. He has now taken his rock bottom experience and developed himself into becoming a world class entrepreneur coach, an internationally Acclaimed Revolutionary Entrepreneur and, CEO & founder of Point Boosters America and Credit Repair University. You’ll learn in episode #18 of ITV how to find your purpose and serve with purpose for money to come and you’ll be introduced to his technique on how he help businesses succeed.  Bring a notepad because BARS are being dropped all over the place!Guest IG: IG: Show IG: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

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