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3 Types or Shareable Content (and how to get more shares)

If you’re tuning in that means you’re probably a business owner or an entrepreneur looking to organically grow your following and to reach more of your ideal customers and clients using Instagram.We’re going to talk about the importance of creating shareable content. So what is shareable content? To start it’s creating content that truly resonates with your ideal audience so much so that they want to share it with their audience.So we’re going start with three types of shareable content and then we’re going to get into the how to’s… how to implement a strategy so you get more shares of your content on Instagram.So the types of shareable content are; education pieces. Education, Empowerment and Entertaining pieces of content.To wrap up this episode we shared a few pieces of advice that you can include to hopefully maximize your efforts for creating shareable contact.The first would be to include a call to action. So when you’re sharing a post - at the bottom of your caption - you could encourage your audience to share. For example, “share to your stories if you feel this will resonate with your audience.” Or, “know someone who needs to hear this right now? make sure to share with them.” It may sound arbitrary, but it is really important to help guide our audience so there’s really nothing wrong with having some type of call to action you’ll see that a lot with saved posts which will talk about an upcoming episode, but encouraging your audience to take action sometimes we just literally have to come out and ask.Another thing to consider would be what’s trending right now? What pieces of content or what news is happening in the world right now that is relevant to your business to your brand that you could also craft some thing that is on point and trending. It’s the same concept for reel‘s…the reels that tend to get maximized exposure and reach are the ones that are using trending music or talking about trending topics so having a look around what’s trending in your industry can be really helpful in creating shareable content.And then of course lastly (you know we have to talk about the sexiness of … using your insights. Go back and look at your insights and see what content your audience has already shared in the past. This is a good indicator of what your audience resonates with.  So go ahead look back at those insights and start creating more content similar to that. Thanks everyone for tuning into Instagram for business with a social focus if you haven’t left us a reading a review on Apple podcast yet please do so we love hearing what you think of the show. And follow along on Instagram @thesocial.focus and be sure to click the link in our bio where you can usually find a freebie waiting for you or access to our online course and community Instagram for business you can check that out via the link in our bio. Check us out on Instagram @thesocial.focus @angela.s.doyon and @natcaronphoto JOIN INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS NOW! (the online course and community where you learn to scroll less and sell more!)We love and use Buzzsprout to host Instagram for Business Podcast and they have made it easy and seamless (plus their customer service is by far one of the best!)This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

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