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#40: Where Are the Good Netflix Movies?

av Instant Message | Publicerades 8/2/2019

David, Joanna and Christopher start by discussing the future of retail, which at least partly involves all those brands you see in Instagram ads suddenly showing up in a store near you. (The gang also learns a new word: "omnichannel.") Next, WSJ reporter RT Watson hops on to discuss Netflix's upcoming slate of blockbuster-hopeful films, and to answer the big question: Why are streaming services so good at TV and so bad at movies? In this week's TIL, Joanna discovers Apple's old Find My Friends app and finds her friends. Too many friends. Last, David interviews Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger about his "Declaration of Digital Independence" and the future of social media. Links: Christopher's retail column: RT Watson on Netflix's movie binge: Larry Sanger's Declaration of Digital Independence:

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