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#41: Fancy Phones and Fancier Credit Cards

av Instant Message | Publicerades 8/9/2019

David and Joanna discuss the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the phone for people who get stuff done. (Stuff. Not other words.) It has a new stylus and some new software and a bunch of new cameras. Later, WSJ reporter Liz Hoffman comes in to talk about the new Apple Card, which David has been using to recklessly spend money all week. Is this the future of how we spend money? In this week's Today I Learned, David plans his wedding... at a Taco Bell. And wonders what the phrase "sauce bouquet" could possibly mean. Last, David interviews Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof and the so-called "godfather of biohacking," about how he experiments on his own body and how others can do the same as safely and thoughtfully as possible.

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