'Live' at Yale

Michael and Andy speak to International Security Studies students and community members at Yale, in New Haven, Connecticut, for a special episode. Moderated by the Jackson School of Global Affairs's Ted Wittenstein, they discuss the challenges facing US intelligence agencies today including China, Russia, and the Israel-Gaza war. They also talk about what it takes to be a superior intelligence officer and analyst, and how to make national security decisions in the 21st century. 

Om Podcasten

Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell and former CIA Chief Operating Officer Andy Makridis interview top national security leaders -- intelligence officers, military leaders, and policymakers -- on the most critical security challenges of our time. Their interviews offer insights into the world's most pressing problems as well as the effectiveness of the U.S. policy response. They also delve into the biographies and careers of the individuals who have devoted their lives to protecting our nation.