Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast

Building an IC Team from the Ground Up

av Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast | Publicerades 7/16/2019

On this episode of the Internal Comms Procast, we hear from Slack’s Director of Internal Communications, Amanda Atkins. Amanda will share how she structured her team for success and how she demonstrated her value from the start. If you are loving the Internal Comms Procast, be sure to join our list. Each week you will get a personalized cheat sheet of the latest internal communications best practices. More at

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Each day, millions of smart communicators struggle to increase employee engagement. There are too many tactics and not enough time. The “Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast” aims to change that. We want to make your corporate communications or internal communications job easier. We are bringing together the best in the business to give you real ideas on how to improve engagement and retention at any organization. We will show you how to elevate your position, improve your stats, and make your workplace a happier one.