Inti and Choppa's Podcast.

S01EP8: Women and Hip-Hop

av Inti and Choppa's Podcast. | Publicerades 3/17/2020

In this episode the hosts waste no time and get straight into the topic of women. They discuss the stigma and the shame that women face for dating younger men while men inherently have been doing the same without such consequences. They discuss the double standard that exists in the society and express their opinion on what truly should matter when it comes to a relationship between a man and a woman. The boys then jump straight into Hip-Hop, which is their favorite genre of music. They go down the memory lane to relive the first time they were introduced to Hip-Hop, where they were and how it has impacted them ever since. They also talk about the current state of genre and express how they truly feel about it. So have a listen to the episode and if you like it please subscribe/follow, like, share and get in the comments to let us know your opinion and leave a 5 star rating, which helps us out with the algorithm.

Om Podcasten

Real perspective is rare and wanted in our community therefore two friends, Inti and Choppa come together from Bangladesh and U.K to provide their unique perspective on life in Sweden. So that you can spend more time being entertained than being bored.