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Chris Mauldin - Aluna Dev - 1.5 year Check-In

av iOS Dev Discussions - Sean Allen | Publicerades 12/31/2020

Today I sit down with Chris Mauldin, iOS Developer at Aluna to get an update on his career at the 1.5 years of experience mark. For those that don't remember, we hired Chris at Aluna based off my YouTube video that specifically looked to hire someone for their first job. Chris ended up getting this job and we did further podcast episodes discussing his first 30 days on the job. Now we're checking in with Chris after a year and a half to see how it's been going. Chris' Twitter: Swift News GitHub Repo with Links to Stories: More information about my iOS Development courses: Link to my book - How I Became an iOS Developer: Twitter: YouTube Channel: Portfolio: Book and learning recommendations (Affiliate Links): Ray Wenderlich Books: Ray Wenderlich Video Tutorials: Paul Hudson's Hacking With Swift: Learn Advanced Swift Here: My Developer & YouTube Setup: --- Support this podcast:

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