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Programmer Slang - 8 Common Terms Explained

av iOS Dev Discussions - Sean Allen | Publicerades 10/11/2020

In today's episode I share 8 common programming slang terms that you may have heard... but not quite known what they meant. There are MANY more and I've love to hear some of the ones I missed in the comments. In this video we go over, Yak Shaving, Refuctering, Code Smell, Stringly-Typed, Grok, Magic Numbers, Spaghetti Code, Rubber Ducking. YouTube Video version: More information about my iOS Development courses: Link to my book - How I Became an iOS Developer: Twitter: YouTube Channel: Portfolio: Book and learning recommendations (Affiliate Links): Ray Wenderlich Books: Ray Wenderlich Video Tutorials: Paul Hudson's Hacking With Swift: Learn Advanced Swift Here: My Developer & YouTube Setup: --- Support this podcast:

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