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Swift News: Swift on Windows, Transparent Apps, Launch, TikTok Algo, ARKit, & More!

av iOS Dev Discussions - Sean Allen | Publicerades 9/28/2020

Swift News comes out every Monday - Subscribe or follow me on twitter to be notified of new episodes. In this episode we discuss the release of Swift on Windows, SFSymbols 2, the difference between sync and async, and your app's launch screen. We also dive into product MVPs, Transparent Apps, the history of iOS, ARKit & More! One Day Only Sale - 40% off - Discount Code: FALL-FORTY Swift News Video: More information about my iOS Development courses: Link to my book - How I Became an iOS Developer: Twitter: YouTube Channel: Portfolio: Book and learning recommendations (Affiliate Links): Ray Wenderlich Books: Ray Wenderlich Video Tutorials: Paul Hudson's Hacking With Swift: Learn Advanced Swift Here: My Developer & YouTube Setup: --- Support this podcast:

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