Meet the Unicorns-The first married couple in the world to sell their company for one billion dollars and reach this level of accomplishment in business.

av IRON SHARPENS IRON MOVEMENT | Publicerades 3/2/2021

In this episode of the Iron Sharpens Iron Movement, Jim Hotaling interviews Samo and Iza Login. In 2009 these Slovenian tech entrepreneurs set out with the goal of creating a new startup that they would build into a successful business and sell in order to dedicate all their time to philanthropic pursuits. In just 7 years, the Login's sold their $250,000 startup for $1 Billion to a Chinese investment group, catapulting them among the wealthiest Europeans and making them the richest Slovenes. The Login’s are the first married couple in the world to reach this level of accomplishment in business—creating a true “unicorn” in such a short time. This spring they are releasing a book, 7 Unicorn Drive, which explores how their unique approach to business and leadership paved the way to financial success and is now allowing them to invest their time and resources in sustainable and eco-friendly endeavors, including large-scale farming projects to help combat climate change. Visit for show notes and more exclusive content.

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