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Prohibitionism and New Ten-Year Prison Sentence for Lying about Holidays; Jarelgate; CofE in Need of "Digital Supremo" for Great (Digital Rural Parish) Reset - w/ West Country Priest Daniel French

av Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs | Publicerades 2/12/2021

Revs Tom and James are joined this week once again by the inimitable Rev Daniel French. Topics for discussion include: a new era of prohibitionism as pubs may be allowed to reopen but without any alcohol - we ask, "Is it worth going to one in that case?"; the omni-competent and benevolent Matt Hancock threatens to throw citizens in jail for ten years unless they tell him where they've been on their hols, obviously a proportionate and humane measure in these uncertain times; clergyman Jarel Robinson-Brown said this week that he didn't want to join in a national clap for Sir Captain Tom Moore, involving the Church of England authorities in a game of self-imposed Twister as they conduct a review of the incident followed by multiple internal and external counter-reviews and reviews of the initial review - are we doing a good job of communicating the saving message of the Gospel to our culture through these shenanigans?;  we also review an article in the Church Times which claims that we need a new ecclesiastical digital supremo to help us go fully digital, which we are assured is not an inferior form of worship but the way forward for lots of people and parishes - hmmmmm....Finally, we end with some listener correspondence, part of which constitutes a new rewriting of the Bible for our Covidtide era, starting with a new version of the Good Samaritan.Thank you as always for listening and please do share the podcast around with your friends and acquaintances. You can contact us for any suggestions, criticisms, excoriations etc at and follow us on Twitter @irreverendpod. We also make our podcast available in video format on Youtube and you can subscribe to our channel here!If you are looking for a church in England that is open during the lockdown, there is a growing list with basic information available here. Alternatively if you have an open church that you would like to add to the list please do so.  Thanks so much!

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