Connecting Well-Being Through Movement w/ Aaron

What’s the role of physical education in creating an active culture of well-being? Aaron Beighle, an international mind and physical educator and scholar of school-based physical activity in the United States, joins us on the show as we delve into connecting well-being through movement. In the episode, Aaron shares his passion for fitness and movement, how physical activity boosts your mindset & productivity, as well as different exercises that could be tailored to individual needs. He also expounds on structured versus physical activity, the importance of doing workouts you enjoy to make them sustainable, and how educators can integrate various types of physical activity in remote and physical learning environments. Ultimately, we discuss the role of technology in facilitating physical movement for students, debunking the myth that only certain body types can do sports, as well as advice for educators implementing physical education in schools. Tune in for more insights!   Timestamps [03:22] Introducing the topic [04:14] Introducing the guest Aaron Beighle [05:08] Aaron’s passion for movement and fitness [05:43] Coalition between physical activity and overall well-being [08:00] Exercises or movements that can be easily tailored to individual needs and various environments [09:40] Benefits of walking outside in the cold versus in very hot weather [11:00] Structured workout versus physical activity [15:56] How educators can effectively integrate various types of physical activities in both physical and remote learning environments [20:42] Leveraging technology to help facilitate physical education for student [24:30]DEIJ issues in physical education [32:30] Advise physical educators or teachers in implementing physical education in schools [35:15] How to connect with Aaron Beighle   Quotes ●      "There is no such thing as bad weather. There is just bad clothing. When it rains, you can go; when it’s cold, you can go.” ●      “Do something that you enjoy, and you want to. It is what you are likely to sustain.”   Let’s Connect Connect with Aaron Beighle; ●       LinkedIn: ●       X:   Connect with Dr. Dana Specker Watts on; ●      X:   Connect with Mike Pierre on; ●      X:   More resources ●      Head over to to see future PD's that ISS is offering for the SY 22-23. ●      Join the Diversity Collaborative platform-   ●      Head over to to check out inclusion education practices for individuals with disabilities and ensure their potential is fully maximized. ●      Please visit to register for the Global Citizenship ●      Are you looking forward to a successful career to teach anywhere in the world? Head over to for online innovative education programs.

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