Stephanie Briert of Valley Forge Academy Qatar

In this episode, we have a profound conversation with Stephanie Briet of Valley Forge Academy Qatar about how the school is empowering the young men in the school, the diversity of the staff, and how the school is promoting a culture of collaboration. Stephanie also shares how she helps teachers grow in their careers and how the school uses new technology. Tune in to learn more! Timestamps [00:49] Stephanie Briert’s background information [02:o4] How Valley Forge Academy is empowering the young men in the school [03:07] The diversity of the staff at Valley Forge Academy Qatar [03:53] The safety of moving to Qatar [07:29] How Stephanie helps teachers grow in their careers [09:16] The age restrictions for the teachers in Qatar [10:20] The weather in Qatar [12:02] How Valley Forge Academy takes in new technology [13:29] The special events at the school [15:40] How Valley Forge Academy promotes a culture of collaboration Notable quotes: ● “Do your research. Moving to the Middle East is a big jump, and it is not for everyone.” Let’s Connect Valley Forge Academy Qatar: ● Website: ● Facebook: ● Instagram: Connect with Mike Pierre: ● Twitter: More resources ● Head over to to see future PD's that ISS is offering for the SY 22-23. ● Join the Diversity Collaborative platform- ● Head over to to check out inclusion education practices for individuals with disabilities and ensure their potential is fully maximized. ● Please visit to register for the Global Citizenship ● Are you looking forward to a successful career to teach anywhere in the world? Head over to for online innovative education programs.

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