Could we survive a Xenomorph alien invasion?

Av Issue Zero

Avsnittet publicerades: 11/12/2019


We’re talking Aliens and the Xenomorph, what makes them so terrifying? Could a scenario like Alien happen here on earth? Your host, not in a parasitic way, Fred Kennedy, takes you through the backstory on the Alien film franchise…and more specifically, its star player…the Xenomorph. He's joined by Johnnie Christmas, who just adapted the original William Gibson screenplay for Alien 3 into a comic for Darkhorse…and is a guy who’s knee deep in the ORIGINAL source material to find our what makes these creatures so terrifying. To answer whether humanity could survive a xenomorph invasion he looks to an actual scientist, Dan Riskin, former host of Daily Planet and a Canadian evolutionary biologist, television personality and producer.  Spoiler alert! both guests will not let you sleep at night. Host: Fred Kennedy Twitter @Fearless_Fred Facebook @fearlessfredontheradio Guests: Johnnie Christmas - @j_xmas Dan Riskin - @riskindan

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Star Wars, sci-fi, super villains, you'll find it all here. What are the Mandalorians? Could we survive a Xenomorph invasion like in Aiens? These are questions that keep Fred Kennedy up at night. He’s a comic book creator, radio personality AND tattooed Jedi master extraordinaire. On Issue Zero, he’ll explore all the things that used to get you beat up in school but are now considered the coolest. He’ll look at the fandom universe, and bring you the history of your favorite characters and maybe add some new ones through various thematic explorations. Whatever the episode, you’re definitely going to learn something that will at least win you some points at trivia night. New episodes every other Tuesday.