The Case for Conan The Barbarian

Av Issue Zero

Avsnittet publicerades: 11/26/2019


Fred Kennedy is here to tell you all about Conan the Barbarian and why you too should fall in love with this TRAGICALLY underrated and misrepresented hero. We break down the shocking origins of everyone’s favourite loin cloth wearing wanderer…who incidentally didn’t start wearing a loin cloth until the seventies…and no, it wasn’t a fashion choice. If your only knowledge of Conan is that he’s some guy with a sword and abs who kills monsters, you’re about to get schooled! You’ll learn the historical origins of Conan the Barbarian and how he was an emotional faucet for his creator Robert E Howard. And how just like his creator he’s a tragically misunderstood…and misrepresented figure in comic book history. Host: Fred Kennedy Twitter @Fearless_Fred Facebook @fearlessfredontheradio Guests: Jim Zub - @JimZub Raymond Salvador - @Radiator_Savior

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Star Wars, sci-fi, super villains, you'll find it all here. What are the Mandalorians? Could we survive a Xenomorph invasion like in Aiens? These are questions that keep Fred Kennedy up at night. He’s a comic book creator, radio personality AND tattooed Jedi master extraordinaire. On Issue Zero, he’ll explore all the things that used to get you beat up in school but are now considered the coolest. He’ll look at the fandom universe, and bring you the history of your favorite characters and maybe add some new ones through various thematic explorations. Whatever the episode, you’re definitely going to learn something that will at least win you some points at trivia night. New episodes every other Tuesday.