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Originally this episode was supposed to be the first course dish I made for my Italian family's Christmas lunch. The original recording of this episode was also made with the help of my friend and pasta guru, Chris D'Alessandro from but as fate would have it, my audio was compromised! Don't fret though guys, you can go back and listen to our first episode together Pici All'Aglione and stay tuned, cause he'll be back on the podcast in no time. Just like in cooking Italian food, you've got to learn to roll with the punches and if that isn't the perfect idiom for 2020, I don't know what is!Get exclusive access to the recipes in each episode by joining the Italian Dish Cooking Club on Patreon!In this episode:Make egg pasta dough without a machine (with tips I learned from Yummy Italy !)Listen up to find out what I've been assigned to make for Christmas pranzo (lunch) 2020Learn what went wrong the first time I made this type of pastaMake cappelletti pasta! - Traditionally eaten in a meat broth on Christmas, get a taste of how much Italian women love their families / how much they love their foodQuestions or comments about the recipe? Suggestions for what our next recipe should be? Get in touch via Instagram @italiandishpodcast or send us an email at contact@italiandishpodcast.comSupport the show (

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Italian food is undeniably among the most delicious cuisines in the world. Every week, join Christine, a home chef and American ex-pat in Florence, as she learns to cook traditional Italian specialties while dishing on what it's really like living in Italy. Whether you are traveling to Italy, love cooking Italian food, or want to learn more about Italian culture and quirks, this is the podcast for you.