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Chestnut Pasta // Lasagne Bastarde

av Italian Dish | Publicerades 11/30/2020

Lasagne bastarde, despite its somewhat indecent name, is a typical dish from the northwestern corner of Tuscany. Made from chestnut flour this deconstructed lasagne is just one of many creative uses of this Autumnal nut. Chestnuts, in fact, have always been an important source of calories and nutrients in the Tuscan diet- not to mention their smoky, sweet, nutty flavor.Get exclusive access to the recipes in each episode by joining the Italian Dish Cooking Club on Patreon!In this episode:Make chestnut pasta (+30 minute pasta nap)Learn about how generations of Tuscans have survived and thrived on this foraged fruitPasta Grannies' video about Chestnut flour productionQuestions or comments about the recipe? Suggestions for what our next recipe should be? Get in touch via Instagram @italiandishpodcast or send us an email at contact@italiandishpodcast.comBuon appetito! Ciao!Support the show (

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