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Persimmon Tart with Cocoa Crust and Hazelnuts

av Italian Dish | Publicerades 11/23/2020

This week is American Thanksgiving and thanks to some generous friends, I'm up to my ears in persimmons! According to farming tradition, persimmons are magical and they hold the secret to predicting winter weather! What's the secret? Listen to find out!In this episode:Make Giulia Scarpaleggia's Crostata al Cacao con Cachi e Nocciole!Why you should embrace that the holidays are going to be different this yearHow and why we're celebrating Thanksgiving in our little Italian-American familyIn the spirit of Thanksgiving, this month I'm matching my Patron's support on Patreon to make a donation to support a friend's Aunt in Venezuela who is currently battling cancer.  Thank you for supporting this podcast in any way you can, it means the world to me.What are you thankful for this year? Besides the fact that it's almost over...Questions or comments about the recipe? Suggestions for what our next recipe should be? Get in touch via Instagram @italiandishpodcast or send us an email at contact@italiandishpodcast.comBuon appetito! Ciao!Support the show (

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