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What’s next for the Scottish Labour Party? With Gerry Hassan | Ep.29

av It's Bloody Complicated - A Compass Podcast | Publicerades 10/16/2020

The Scottish Labour Party’s decline has been severe. How – if at all – can it claw back something like the support it once enjoyed? With 51% of Labour voters now backing independence, how should Scottish Labour respond? Join us as we discuss Scottish Labour, Independence, the SNP and the possible break-up of the UK with Scottish commentator and political author Gerry Hassan. Gerry is a regular contributor to Compass, and in his most recent blog for Compass suggests the formation of a new Labour Party in Scotland as a solution to these problems. Listen to this week’s episode to delve into all things Scotland, Labour, and so much more. "It's Bloody Complicated"  is moving now to fortnightly calls, and will be recorded every other Tuesday at 6pm BST. Become a Compass Member to join our live recordings and bring your questions to our guests: the show ( the show (

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