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Cassie is BACK baby

We took it LIVE this week with Cassie Sharp (Influencer & Evan's girlfriend)! Together, Evan & Cassie competed in the hilarious and fast-paced games that YOU can play along at home with such as; Celebrity Hot List, Degrees of Separation, and fan-favorite - Deck of Questions. Cassie even talks about pivoting her content towards food and how she dreams of becoming the next big cooking star! You can play along and follow us LIVE on IG every Sunday and Triller on Thursdays. Be sure to subscribe where you listen to podcasts, and leave a review!

Om Podcasten

Fun games and riddles hosted by The Card Guy, Evan Alberto - TikTok's biggest magician! New episodes drop every Friday! Join Evan as he unites the internet's favorite celebrities with their fans to compete in friendly competitions where everyone can play along. Grab your friends and play along with Evan, and prepare to be mesmerized by Evan's magical personality.