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Jewellianna Palencia Gets Jacked Up

Jewellianna Palencia, IG & YT influencer, gets her knowledge tested of superhero movies & football stars while battling against fan guest, Adden. Evan reveals the new game that he created with Barry & Jason Games called Jack Me Up. Will Adden or Jewellianna prevail? We will then find out which guest knows more about retail in the fast-paced, exciting "Guess The Price" as seen on Evan's TikTok Channel. Lastly, our guests battle in "Riddle Me This" and Jewellianna discusses what influenced her to start her hair video phenomenon! Be sure to subscribe where you listen to podcasts and leave a review!

Om Podcasten

Fun games and riddles hosted by The Card Guy, Evan Alberto - TikTok's biggest magician! New episodes drop every Friday! Join Evan as he unites the internet's favorite celebrities with their fans to compete in friendly competitions where everyone can play along. Grab your friends and play along with Evan, and prepare to be mesmerized by Evan's magical personality.