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Episode 0 (Really 1) - How CoronaVirus Is SERIOUSLY Effecting Our NEW Baby + Starting a Family Youtube Channel

av Its Whatever Podcast | Publicerades 3/21/2020

This is our introductory podcast, in today's episode we introduce ourselves and the VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of our second baby! In this tough time, the Virus may have the labor of this baby AS WORST AS IT COULD POSSIBLY BE BE! Aside from this, talks of...

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Its Whatever with Millie And YC! A podcast about a workaholic creative and a stay-at-home mom about how we navigate life. Hear our struggles and wins from a comedic realistic standpoint as we talk about our wedding planning, parenting, work, and personal life like never before!Its whatever! YC Is a Music Video Director turned youtuber, he works full time in online influencing and the creative field of videography + photography. Millie is his soon to be wife who is a stay at home mom, Its Whatever is behind the scenes of the life they're created together!