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Episode 154: Unusual and Exotic Instruments on Beatles Songs

av I've Got a Beatles Podcast! | Publicerades 4/10/2020

Ever heard of a clavioline? How about a jal-tarang or a wobble board? If not, then check out this episode where we choose our favorite notable non-rock instruments that appear on Beatles and solo Beatles songs. We've made a Spotify playlist in case you'd like to hear all these tunes in their entirety after listening: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0N1oCb99Gnh29wed33kAom?si=QvOFtqAQQB6hHKWdnvm68A Also, for our next episode, we need your help! Send us any questions you'd like us to answer about the Beatles, our opinions about the Beatles, the show, or anything else you'd like to know. Send your questions to: ivegotabeatlespodcast@hotmail.com  by April 15 and we'll try to answer them!  

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