DevOps for JavaScript ft. Will Button - JSJ 502

Our very own Will Button from Adventures in DevOps joins us to discuss DevOps in JavaScript. Will also hosts his own YouTube channel discussing DevOps for Developers and is a consultant helping early stage startups getting their applications set up and scaling. He joins the panel to help the Jabber panel understand how to make Node and JavaScript deploy, scale, and grow. Panel Aimee Knight AJ O'Neal Steve Edwards Guest Will Button Sponsors JavaScript Error and Performance Monitoring | Sentry Dev Influencers Accelerator Links Choice Words about the Upcoming Deprecation of JavaScript Dialogs DevOps For Developers - YouTube DevOps For Developers Will Button GitHub: Will Button ( rekibnikufesin ) Twitter: Will Button ( @wfbutton ) Picks Aimee- Qwiklabs AJ-  Learn Two Languages (and one of them should be Go) AJ- AJ- The Phoenix Project AJ- The Vanilla DevOps Git Credentials & Private Packages Cheatsheet AJ- Performance - Stack Exchange AJ- The Zen of Python AJ- Crockford on JavaScript Will- Site Reliability Engineering Contact Aimee: Aimee Knight – Software Architect, and International Keynote Speaker GitHub: Aimee Knight ( AimeeKnight ) Twitter: Aimee Knight ( @Aimee_Knight ) LinkedIn: Aimee K. aimeemarieknight | Instagram Aimee Knight | Facebook Contact AJ: AJ ONeal CoolAJ86 on GIT Beyond Code Bootcamp Beyond Code Bootcamp | GitHub Follow Beyond Code Bootcamp | Facebook Twitter: Beyond Code Bootcamp ( @_beyondcode ) Contact Steve: Twitter: Steve Edwards ( @wonder95 ) GitHub: Steve Edwards ( wonder95 ) LinkedIn: Steve Edwards

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Weekly panel discussion about Javascript on the front and back ends. This show is primarily focused on the web ecosystem, but also covers NodeJS, mobile, and language features.