How to Check Your Application Security featuring Liran Tal - JSJ 493

Liran Tal joins the Jabber to talk about how to secure your applications and how to check for security vulnerabilities in your application and its dependencies and infrastructure. Liran explains how to check your supply chain and your own code to make sure you're not leaving things open to malicious actors. Panel AJ O'Neal Charles Max Wood Dan Shappir Steve Edwards Guest Liran Tal  Sponsors DigitalOcean  Raygun | Click here to get started on your free 14-day trial Dev Influencers Accelerator Links 5 ways to prevent code injection in JavaScript and Node.js Command injection: how it works, what are the risks, and how to prevent it JSJ 357: Event-Stream & Package Vulnerabilities with Richard Feldman and Hillel Wayne | DevOps 062: Behind the SolarWinds breach | DevOps 064: Software Dependencies: Do you Know What’s Lurking in your Software? | PortSwigger Essential Node.js Security for Express Web Applications Snyk Code Twitter: Liran Tal | React and Node.js Security ( @liran_tal ) Picks AJ- Twitter: _MG_ ( @_MG_ ) AJ-  In Order to Live AJ- Live Stream Node.js Auth Project Charles- Who Now How Charles- As a Man Thinketh Charles- Psycho-Cybernetics Charles- Charles- Discourse Dan- JSJ 442: Breaking Into Tech with Danny Thompson | Dan- JSJ 439: More Jabber About Less JavaScript with Alex Russell | Dan- How I Learned to Code and Started Freelancing Full-Time in 8 Months Dan- The Mobile Performance Inequality Gap, 2021 Liran-  Working out Liran- Cult of the Dead Cow Liran- Darknet Diaries Steve- GitHub | kutia-software-company/vue3-starter Contact AJ: AJ ONeal CoolAJ86 on GIT Beyond Code Bootcamp Beyond Code Bootcamp | GitHub Follow Beyond Code Bootcamp | Facebook Twitter: Beyond Code Bootcamp ( @_beyondcode ) Contact Charles: | Facebook Twitter: ( @devchattv ) Contact Dan: GitHub: Dan Shappir ( DanShappir ) LinkedIn: Dan Shappir Twitter: Dan Shappir ( @DanShappir ) Contact Steve: Twitter: Steve Edwards ( @wonder95 ) GitHub: Steve Edwards ( wonder95 ) LinkedIn: Steve Edwards Special Guest: Liran Tal.Sponsored By:DigitalOcean: Get started on DigitalOcean App Platform with $100 in free credit at Raygun now offers Real User Monitoring of Core Web Vitals. Start your 14-day free trial now.

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