Jerry sits down with new friend and Director of Promotional Marketing for BetMGM - Peter Andreu. - Peter rehashes a recent story where something he loves went missing and what are the worst personal items to get stolen. - Also Jerry shares about losing a whole collection of something that was absolutley devastating, until... - Peter's wedding is coming up and Jerry gives him some last minute tips that everyone should know. Follow Peter on twitter- @PeterAndreu You can also hear Jerry & @oliviaDekker on the Unleashed Podcast every Thursday.  

Om Podcasten

Is it bad for business for your girlfriend to produce your podcast? Is it bad for business to hire your friends as well? Is it bad for business for your title to be "Bad for Business"? Or for your 5 year old nephew to draw your graphics? Host Jerry Ferrara gives commentary on the daily things that make you wanna laugh, cry and punch people. Oh and we should have some pretty cool guests barring this show isn't a total disaster. Tune in...