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Nigel Owens

Episode 10: Nigel Owens MBE, who is universally recognised as one of the best rugby referees in the world, is the special guest on the show this week. Listen as he tells hilarious stories from his broadcasting work with Jiffy, as well as discussing his illustrious refereeing career in some depth and his aspirations for the future.

Om Podcasten

Jonathan ‘Jiffy’ Davies and Ray Stubbs are two of the most familiar names in sports broadcasting and have been for many years, along with Jiffy being arguably one of the greatest dual code rugby players of all time and Stubbsy being the self proclaimed worst left back in Tranmere Rovers history! Each week they’ll chat about what’s new and also sporting times of yesteryear as well as being joined by some interesting guests along the way! #JiffyandStubbsy