#62// 🎄🎶 Christmas songs: health hazard or healthful?

Love a Christmas tune? Ever wondered if the lyrics are detrimental or beneficial to health?Your ears are in the right place!LJ and Barney, with help from Jon, performed a thematic analysis of the top 41 Christmas song lyrics from 2021, then completed a semi-systematic review analysing their risks and benefits to health! The conclusion? A list of recommendations on which songs to listen to, and which to avoid based on their underlying health messages.We cover the risks and benefits of:Alcohol and sugar binging, Cold exposure,Kissing,Chestnuts,Indoor fires,Giving vs consumerism,Turkeys,Loneliness,Singing & dancing,Inequality & war,& MORE...!All references are on this shared  Google Doc.Merry Christmas Journal Junkies!!Support the showVisit the website on www.journalspotting.com. Follow us on Twitter @JournalSpotting.Email us on journalspotting@gmail.com.Get our JournalClub App on https://journalclub.messly.comShare us with all your colleagues!

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