Journeys to the Infinite

HOWARD GIVENS ~ Navigating the Ambient Wonderland

av Journeys to the Infinite | Publicerades 10/5/2020

Talking from his studio in Portland, Oregon, Howard Givens discuss The Bodhi Mantra album, answers my questions about his musical evolution, explains the preference for collaborations, and provides insights into the creative labor of Spotted Peccary Music label.

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Music knows no borders and is deeply embedded in our human nature. It flows and transcends the ephemeral and arbitrary limits, it inspires a sense of unity and timelessness. Here we embrace a complex web of styles and sonic ideas, from the traditional to the experimental. Beyond this diversity, music remains a vehicle for inner exploration, self-expression, and communion. „Journeys to the Infinite” promotes Ambient, Space, Psychill, New Age, and World-Fusion genres. Listen to interviews with great artists and producers, discover new sounds and enjoy the Journey !