Journeys to the Infinite

ROBERT RICH ~ The Sonic Poetry of Existence

av Journeys to the Infinite | Publicerades 8/5/2020

Robert Rich is an influential ambient artist, and one of the original pioneers of the American West-Coast School of Electronic Music. In our interview, we discuss diverse topics, from his music and early memories to Surrealism, from Tarkovsky's cinematography to technology, wine, and food.

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Music knows no borders and is deeply embedded in our human nature. It flows and transcends the ephemeral and arbitrary limits, it inspires a sense of unity and timelessness. Here we embrace a complex web of styles and sonic ideas, from the traditional to the experimental. Beyond this diversity, music remains a vehicle for inner exploration, self-expression, and communion. „Journeys to the Infinite” promotes Ambient, Space, Psychill, New Age, and World-Fusion genres. Listen to interviews with great artists and producers, discover new sounds and enjoy the Journey !