Judaism Demystified | A Guide for Todays Perplexed

Introducing Judaism Demystified: A Podcast for Todays Perplexed Jews

av Judaism Demystified | A Guide for Todays Perplexed | Publicerades 6/13/2021

How does a curious, truth-seeking, intellectually honest person face the challenges brought upon by modern biblical criticism, the fossil record, archaeological findings, evolutionary theory, scientific discoveries, historical inaccuracies, theological and philosophical paradoxes, the centuries old conflict between rationalism and mysticism, and a host of other problems. Where can one turn for answers? We hope to tackle this daunting task.

Om Podcasten

Benjy & Benzi are 2 young and inquisitive Orthodox Jews who decided to create the content they always craved but couldn't find elsewhere. When they're not engaging in passionate 1-on-1 discussions, they have long-form conversations with Jewish thinkers from all walks of life. The goal of the show is to shed light on taboo topics, tackle the problems facing Judaism today, delve into philosophical & theological issues, and most importantly - find common ground with prestigious guests from different religious backgrounds who may have views that aren't often shared in mainstream Orthodox circles.