Larry Johnson (fmr CIA) | How the West Misjudged Russia.

Could one of history's most significant intelligence failures be playing out right before our eyes? Brace yourselves, as we dissect the unexpected and often unappreciated strength of Russian forces and the resilience of President Putin in Ukraine. We question the widely held narrative that the Russian army is subpar and poorly managed, and how this belief has influenced the intelligence briefings and career trajectories of those within command centers across the globe. This isn't just a Washington issue; we see it happening in London, Brussels, Paris, and Berlin too. In the second part of our dialogue, we draw eerie parallels between the current situation and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Both situations are a result of rigid ideological systems that disconnect leaders from reality. Moreover, we assess the state of diplomatic communications between the U.S. and Russia and ponder the critical question: Is there still a chance for open dialogue? The stakes are high; the consequences, are dire. Tune in to this episode as we explore this shifting international landscape, challenge long-held assumptions, and consider what the future might hold. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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