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Perseverance, personal growth, and how to achieve life-long success

What is success really about? Is it about having a lot of money in the bank? Having lots of fancy cars? Being the CEO of an international business? Or is it perhaps more about how to achieve happiness? Natsune Oki is the author of the book “The game of self domination” which talks about achieving life-long success and how to actually get there. Overcoming personal struggles and challenges is not an easy task, but Natsune knows exactly how to do it. Connect with Natsune Oki: Website: Facebook: TikTok: Instagram:

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With a world that's more polarized than ever before and opinions flying left and right it is our task as humans to connect and have a real conversation. Just A Convo explores ideas that most likely wouldn't have gotten to see the light of day if it weren't for open-minded individuals.Porn addiction, energy medicine, men's mental health, and everything in between.