Ayo, JYP! w/ Lauren

Hellooooo awesome listeners (yeah, we're talking about you)! In today’s episode of K-PopCast, we welcome our special guest, Lauren! Tune in to listen to Crystal, Aleena, and Lauren ramble about JYP, MV (music video) concepts, hilarious stories, and TEA! Be prepared for a super chaotic bonus segment at the end of the podcast, where we feature Eunice as well, who unfortunately couldn't make it for the main episode due to our schedules! Good news: We are now uploading new episodes every Sunday or Saturday, which means early episodes! Woo-hoo! Any comments, questions, requests? Email us at theofficialkpopcast@gmail.com For updates and much more, follow our Instagram account, @officialkpopcast, or our Twitter @KpopCast2 Make sure to check our website: https://theofficialkpopcas2.wixsite.com/k-pop

Om Podcasten

Join three best friends, Crystal, Aleena, and Eunice as they dive deep into the world of K-pop, spill some tea, analyze lyrics, rant about K-dramas, and laugh along the way. New episodes are up every Sunday (with the occasional bonus episodes)! For any questions or comments you have, email us at theofficialkpopcast@gmail.com, message our Instagram @officialkpopcast, or our Twitter @KpopCast2! Our Website (that Eunice made!): https://theofficialkpopcas2.wixsite.com/k-pop Podcast Cover Art Credits: @smallsweetvanillabean on Instagram!