K-Drama Llama: Takeover - Train to Busan aka Anti Yon-Suk Club

Time to bring four boxes of Kleenex tissues! *Sniff* Today, Aleena and Eunice will review the amazing movie, Train to Busan. Unfortunately, Crystal couldn’t make it on the day we recorded this, so we’re taking the wheel! Join us as we discuss how to virtually punch Yon-suk, tactics to avoid zombies, and why eating ice-cream is extremely beneficial. In this episode, we tagged ourselves in the movie, where Eunice was the seat Su-an sat in next to Seok-woo, and Aleena was the deer that was run over by a car. Let us know what you would tag yourself as by sending a message/email to any of our socials! For updates and much more, follow our Instagram account, @officialkpopcast. Make sure to check our website: https://theofficialkpopcas2.wixsite.com/k-pop In the Podcast, Eunice asked our awesome listeners if you know which famous idol came from Daegu and Busan. If you answer correctly, we will give you a shoutout in the next episode (and 10 air dollars)! Let us know your answers by emailing us at theofficialkpopcast@gmail.com or dm-ing our Instagram!    WARNING: We are NOT spoiler-free! Credits: Synopsis (which Aleena and Eunice still can't pronounce correctly) - IMDb 

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