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Hellooooo K-Pop stans!  This is K-PopCast's first episode. In this episode, we introduce ourselves and give a brief overview. Please be aware that the audio is a little *crunchy* as we are still adjusting to this new format! Stay safe, wear a mask, and social distance! Thank you!  Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/kPPk8ue Twitter: @KpopCast2 Instagram: @officialkpopcast Check out our Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/officialkpopcast

Om Podcasten

Join three best friends, Crystal, Aleena, and Eunice as they dive deep into the world of K-pop, spill some tea, analyze lyrics, rant about K-dramas, and laugh along the way. New episodes are up every Sunday (with the occasional bonus episodes)! For any questions or comments you have, email us at theofficialkpopcast@gmail.com, message our Instagram @officialkpopcast, or our Twitter @KpopCast2! Our Website (that Eunice made!): https://theofficialkpopcas2.wixsite.com/k-pop Podcast Cover Art Credits: @smallsweetvanillabean on Instagram!