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24: I Shouldn’t Say This, But … Leaders need to be honest about the fact they don't know everything

In this week’s episode, I dive into the realities of leadership. I talk about the difficulties that come with leading a team through a pandemic, the silent struggle of perfection and the pressure I personally feel to deliver for my team. There is a false sense of expertise surrounding leadership roles and it is a huge contributing factor to the problems we face when we enter into them. It’s time we talked openly about this.

Om Podcasten

Think of all the things you wouldn’t expect a Managing Director to say. This podcast is all about sharing those thoughts. Katy Leeson is the Managing Director of Social Chain, one of the fastest growing social media marketing agencies in the world. This podcast is an honest and frank dive into working life, but also highlights the importance of life outside of work. With an array of guests that are exceptionally open about their experiences and a feature from a fantastic therapist to help unpack all the important points, ‘I Shouldn’t Say This, But…’ is one of the most honest podcasts out there.