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"For love of Shirley": Jarrett Krosoczka's /Hey, Kiddo/

av Keene on Books | Publicerades 10/29/2019

In anticipation of author Jarrett Krosoczka's visit to Keene, Keene on Books discusses Hey, Kiddo. This episode features special guests Liz Chipman, Kathy Fleming, and Heather Gigliello with Professor Chris Parsons. Top two: graphic  novels. 

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Welcome to Keene on Books: A Podcast from the Keene State College English Department. Each month, the faculty here in the English Department will choose a book that is interesting to us for some reason or another—could be new and trendy, could be a classic, could be an overlooked gem from whenever. Then we’ll talk about it and hopefully get somewhere fun. We hope you’ll to read along with us.