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Cool Facts About Animals: Tarantula Hawk Wasps with Dr. Justin Schmidt

av Kids Listen Activity Podcast | Publicerades 3/18/2020

We are coming up on our 100th episode, and this one is one of our most popular of all time. We get to speak with Dr. Schmidt, who invented the Schmidt Sting Pain Index. Do you kow how he invented that index? He got stung. A lot. It’s a really fun episode, filled with lots of animal facts from a super cool scientist. After the podcast ends, it’s time to get started on the activity! Head to http://www.kidslisten.org/activity-podcast to find activities relating to this podcast.

Om Podcasten

The Kids Listen Activity Podcast is a collaborative effort from members of Kids Listen. While kids across the globe are unexpectedly home from school we’ll be packaging and releasing daily episodes. Each day will be a favorite episode of a new Kids Listen Show, including an activity suggestion to help parents and kids engage more deeply and get the most out of these days. Kids Podcasts can help with learning and fun (which should go hand in hand).