Killer Genes: Stripped Down - Sarah Klein

Sarah Klein, an attorney and leading advocate for sexual assault victims, not only fights against predators each day legally, she was one of Olympic trainer Larry Nassar's first victims at only 8 years old. She recounts her brave tale and gives practical tips on how to teach your kids and spot a potential child predator.

Om Podcasten

Hosts Melissa McCarty and Kelly McLear are two-time Emmy nominated investigative journalists with more than 30 years of true crime experience. Covering both solved and unsolved cases, they've travelled the country confronting accused and convicted killers while also shedding light on the heartache violent acts cause. What sets them apart is their compelling storytelling and unique access to the people involved in each case which gives a 360-degree view of the crimes told directly from the source: the victim, their loved ones, experts, law enforcement, and the killers themselves.