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Ep. 151: Live! Horrible Imaginings Campfire Tales: “The Tale of September in July”

av Kim and Ket Stay Alive... Maybe | Publicerades 7/7/2021

Recorded live for the Campfire Tales September 2020 edition, the girls take turns telling each other an episode from horror TV. Ket tells Kim about an episode of Tales from the Crypt called “Dead Right” starring Demi Moore and George Bluth. Kim tells Ket about the episode called “Only Sin Deep” starring Caroline in the City. As always, most importantly, we’ll learn if the girls will live or die in this live episode! Dir Howard Deutch Writers Steven Dodd, Andy Wolk Dir. Howard Deutch Writers Steven Dodd, Fred Dekker Listen to season 1 of our new horror trivia pod! KIM AND KET’S SURVIVE THE CELLAR link.chtbl.com/kkstc New episodes every other Monday     KKSAM Facebook Discussion Group!! "Sammies Stay Alive... Maybe" www.facebook.com/groups/kksampodcast   Get acquainted with all things KIM & KET at www.kimandketstayalive.com  Chat with the girls at kksampodcast@gmail.com Peep the girls on Instagram:  @kksampodcast Twit the girls on Twitter:  @kksampodcast Book the face of the girls on Facebook:  @kksampodcast Wear the shirts of the girls from the MERCH Store:  kimandketstayalivemaybe.threadless.com Support the girls on PATREON at:  www.patreon.com/kimandketstayalivemaybe Ok we'll see ourselves out. Thanks for listening! xo and #StayAlive, K&K       Proud members of the Dread Podcast Network

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A Horror Movie/Comedy Podcast... with a twist! What do you get when two best friends, and horror movie fans, convince themselves that they would definitely be the Final Girls at the end of the movie and never the ones “running up the stairs when they should be going out the front door?" You get Kim and Ket Stay Alive... Maybe (KKSAM for short). Each week, Kim Burns and Ketryn Porter take turns spoiling the fuck out of a horror movie one of them hasn't seen. Through very scientific (not scientific), totally indisputable (very disputable) methods — and amidst ridiculous tangents about their personal lives, childhood fears and wild college days — they play a game to determine whether they would #StayAlive at the end. Come play with us!