Kirby Budz // Unapologetic-Me

Ep. 02 // Life during this odd time + my tips for navigating it all

av Kirby Budz // Unapologetic-Me | Publicerades 6/1/2020

In this episode I give a quick breakdown of where and what I have been up to during this odd time. My thoughts on what’s going on and what I think we should all be doing during this time. I talk about doing inner work and how I recommend to do it. I also give tips on what it’s like to receive intuitive downloads and how I get them. I also talk about how to connect deeper with yourself and my tips on how to sit in silence easier. I go into  hertz frequencies and when I have been listening to them most as well as astral traveling. I go into taking care of your mental and emotional health, triggers and why they’re showing up in your life and why I’m no longer triggered by others. And I give tips on how you can navigate your triggers. And I touch on why attraction shouldn’t be your main focus when choosing your soulmate and spreading kindness during this time!! 


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