Bridge Of Spirit (Vinyl Only) by Thomas Stieler

av KLANGEXTASE | Publicerades 4/24/2021

Is there anything better for a good party than a passionate, authentic and open-minded DJ with long-standing production skills? Not really. Thomas Stieler combines these three virtues par excellence – a perfect match for any house music lover. House is his sound, his world, his permanent stimulus and has been so for the past 15 years. Having grown up in the district town Saalfeld in East-German Thuringia, he was already collecting records before he even owned a record player – surely a sign for true vinyl and music love. From 2005 on he got his first gigs and quickly became a household name for his ambitious and subtly grooving DJ sets. But Thomas wanted to dive even deeper into his favourite music and leave his own traces. That's why he started producing his own tracks which were very well received. So he was even more motivated to continue on his own path. Not fussed about short-lived hypes and instead inspired by both old and new records, Thomas Stieler has since found his signature sound: house in all its facets – classic, deep, minimal, full of drive and sometimes even close to techno.As a DJ he enthuses the crowd with his fine intuition for tracks that fit the mood and are mixed into each other both elegantly and electrily – the typical Stieler transitions. And these transitions can be enjoyed live on a regular basis, amongst others in some of the best international clubs. Even if Thomas has moved to Munich by now, he remains loyal to his East German roots – not only as resident DJ of the legendary Leipzig club Distillery, but also as a permanent member of the Parcou crew surrounding Mathias Kaden. His friendship with Mathias also resulted in his good connection to Muna, one of the longest-standing clubs in Germany and to Freude am Tanzen, the renowned house label from Jena which released one of Thomas' first EPs. „Balcony Sessions“ became his introduction for numerous further well- liked releases on record labels like Lauter Unfug Musik, Rotary Cocktail Recordings, Biotop and Blind Vision Records. And it won't stop there. Because so much is for sure: the passionate and open-minded journeys of Thomas Stieler will continue.

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