IMP by Sinca

av KLANGEXTASE | Publicerades 2/13/2021

"Offering a transcending experience through a raw blend of stimulating and hypnotic additives” is Sinca’s prescription gig after gig, regardless of the venue or when in her sets. Her eclectic upbringing, from the French capital of Canada to a Peruvian household, from her dancing career in classical ballet to rhythmic flamenco, has opened a space for music to be her guidance and one and only anchor. This mixed spectrum of music influences translates into sets where she infuses together deep bass and layers of hopeful riffs that not only fill the space but also caters to her obsession of taking you on a journey. A recognized member of her original community in Montreal, Sinca’s experience range from performing on the main stage of Piknic Electronik and residency at the Salon Daomé to testing unusual scenes at artistic collectives where she is accompanied by other artists in live performances. Recently, her unavoidable draw to the international has come full circle when she performed abroad in France, New York, the Dominican Republic and Prague. To continue to ride this sound wave, Sinca puts a large emphasis on producing, with several projects in the work already.

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