Over And Out 2020 by Matthias Kunze b2b Herr Oppermann

av KLANGEXTASE | Publicerades 12/20/2020

Klangextase does not only draw an intense musical and electronic delight but also a story. It shows that music can easily cross borders and bring people together - one of those stories is the one of Matthias and Holger. Both live in Hamburg and knew each other already through the local scene. While the joint work on Klangextase this collaboration turned into a real friendship. Both friends follow the aim to represent their enthusiasm for electronic music and spread the word around the globe. Matthias had his first brush with house music long time ago, in his hometown. His sound describes as deep, sometimes melancholic, combined with subtle highlights and a kicking beat, which makes everyone move. His musical journeys are always good for a surprise and leave the audience with a feeling of joy. Holger aka Herr Oppermann transforms his dedication to music to the audience, combining classic and modern elements of electronic music. His style describes a varied journey between deep, minimalist elements and Tech House. With his releases on Tach & Nacht and Amber Recordings, he also shows his producer qualities by transferring his close relationship with electronic music into melodic tech house tracks.

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