Rise by The Foreigners

av KLANGEXTASE | Publicerades 5/8/2021

A musical duo from Bulgaria, Faris and Sandro form a symbiosis between their Eastern roots, a family legacy of art, a background in technology and a passion for self-expression through music. Slow, but steadily the two have been making their moves in the electronic music world. They first caught the public eye by winning the remix competition of the famous track Emperor by Ali Love, which was released on Damian Lazarus’ esteemed Crosstown Rebels imprint. Subsequently, they’ve delivered more quality production on labels such as Audio Tonic, Tulipa Recordings, Submarine Vibes, Tenampa Recordings, Motek Music and most recently to Kindisch Music. Be sure there’s more projects in the pipeline. It is in the Catalan capital where the boys drew their inspiration and together with a couple of friends they established their personal project – Ritual Gatherings. A series of curated events, born in a small circle of friends, together in their passion for exploring the different shades of electronic music in an inclusive, family-like atmosphere. Not inclining towards the underground, neither the surface of the musical spectrum, but rather standing for the creation of an unadulterated vibration and a deeper musical experience. Ritual Gatherings aims to connect people, music, arts and different points of view into a collaborative experience and a celebration of life and nature. After several successful events in Barcelona and Bulgaria, and shows in Tulum, Mexico, the project has expanded to new horizons.

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