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Marzipan Experiment - Episode 564 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:32)


Gigiis working on Drea’s shawl in Oink Pigments White and "Zoot Soot" stripes, accent border in "Mommy Dearest" red.

Gigi uses Teaspoonthief's modifications.

Jasmin  finished the front, and is nearly finished with the first sleeve of  Genevieve’s Christmas Sweater 

(Oliver Sweater) out of Onyx Fiber Arts DK.


Gigi has been working on a couple of Wee Envelope sweaters. The knitting is done on the pink one; a bright green one is also done. Gigi has cast on a third one. 

Jasmin started a test knit hat for Romi (snowflake hat)

We will be collecting hats (locally) for refugees in New England:

Maine Access Immigrant Network

237 Oxford St., Suite 25A

Portland, ME 04101


Events: (7:51)


- True North Hearts and Hands donations: 

-We will take a break from podcasting from January until March.

If you have suggestions for what to bring for the Podcast Tune-Up, let us know!

In Stitches (11:45)

Jasmin wore her Polwarth pullover, Westport Waves Hat, looped loop cowl, Cottongrass Pullover,

handspun ribbi, and Greyhaven hat.

Genevieve: Hearthstone pullover, Gryffindor hat

Gigi: red cowl, night shirt, cross stitched Christmas pillows, trapunto school project pillow 


Mother Knows Best:(21:28)

Awful task? Do it with a friend. (Winding, mending, weaving in ends, etc.)

Jasmin mentions Vanishing Wool by Clara Parks. Correction: The book is called Vanishing Fleece

Recipe for Marzipan 


When Knitting Attacks: (29:59)

Gigi started a new cuff.  Instead of switching to garter stitch, She kept purling.

Jasmin kept magically adding stitches to the garter stitch snowflake hat. 


And Sew On:(35:36)

Gigi’s sewing class at Cañada College: class modeled finished slopers and took pictures.  Now I can

adjust commercial patterns using my sloper. 

Also two days a week next semester that I am not in class will be sewing days. 

Sewing area is cluttered with mending.

Om Podcasten

Gigi and Jasmin co-host a knitting podcast featuring regular segments such as "On the needles", "Mother Knows Best", and "When Knitting Attacks!"